Heike Pickett Gallery offers the following services:

Fine Art Consulting: The gallery has thirty-five years experience in assisting private collectors, corporations and museums in recommending and locating artwork for their collection, developing art collection goals, and selecting, presenting, commissioning, framing, and installing artworks.


Fine Art Appraisal: The gallery prepares fine art appraisals for fair market, insurance, estate, and gift tax purposes. Irwin Pickett, a fine art appraiser and associate member of the American society of Appraisers has more than fifteen years experience with appraisal services for private collectors, corporations, museums, and the legal profession.

  Fine Art Brokerage: The gallery offers expert advice on the most appropriate venues and pricing of property to be sold at auction or other venues. The gallery is also able to recommend the most suitable locations, appropriate timing, handling, shipping, and insurance to suit the client's needs in this country or abroad.
  Framing, Crating, Packing, and Shipping Works of Art: Although the gallery does not have an in-house framing shop, it coordinates framing, lighting, installations, presentations, and shipping of artworks. It can also provide resources for restoration and related services.
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