Diane Kahlo



Artist Statement:

Several years ago, I began to notice the intrinsic beauty of the plastic bottle caps on plastic bottles for water, fruit and soft drinks. I had been

doing some mosaic work in other materials, and realized that these brightly colored plastics that usually end up in landfills or polluting our waters

could be given a new life in a mosaic. I chose the mandala format because it’s a symbol for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and often

represents the sacred or the Divine and in many spiritual practices. The repetitive shapes radiating out from a center resemble the energy of the sun.



Sanctuary II, Mixed Media, 42 x 42 inches

The center is hand-sewn sequins and beads. The outer part is made from plastic bottle caps and bases,

Mardi Gras beads, plastic hobby beads, trinkets found in thrift shops and yard sales.





Mandala, 48 x 48 inches

Plastic bottle caps and bottle bases, Mardi Gras and hoby beads, vintage jewlery and trinkets





Mandala 2, 60 x 60 inches




Mandala, 72 x 72 inches






Mandala, 72 x 72 inches



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